Avermedia DVB 761 Setup Fedora Core

Quick Installation Guide

This guide describes how to get Avermedia DVB 761 working with Fedora Core 5, with vanilla kernel.

  • Without doing anything Fedora Core should detect the card at startup, check /var/log/messages for this line:
    Apr 14 11:23:46 HostName kernel: bttv0: using: AverMedia AverTV DVB-T 761 [card=124,autodetected]
  • You will now have to install the firmware for this card. Put the firmware in /lib/firmware. Download the firmware here: dvb-fe-sp887x.fw (They cannot distribute this with the Fedora Core installer because the source code hasn't been provided for this firmware)
  • Now you will have to load the modules for the frontend (tuner) to work.
          modprobe dvb-bt8xx
    modprobe sp887x
  • Download Kaffeine
    yum install Kaffeine
  • Kaffeine will automatically download a channel list or your location. Goto to the DVB menu and select Channels... This will scan for channels and allow you to add selected channels to your list. You should now be able to play the channels back through Kaffeine.

Last update: April 14, 2006