AJAX Remote Desktop Viewer

Quick Setup Guide

I have developed a quick proof of concept, showing that an AJAX enabled webpage can render a remote desktop over a single HTTP socket.

  • Download the Jar file here: AjaxRemoteDesktop.jar
  • Just run this file on the server from the command line using:
    java -jar AjaxRemoteDesktop.jar
  • Clients should now be able to connect via their browser with:
    or, if another port is defined:
  • The application can also take parameters. These are:
     -p:port        port is the TCP/IP port the server will listen.
     -c:chunks      the screen will update using chunks*chunks refreshable squares
     -r:refresh     refresh is the milliseconds between AJAX calls
     -w:width       width in pixels of capture area, from top left corner.
     -h:height      height in pixels of capture area, from top left corner.
  • Currently the application doesn't show the remote mouse pointer, and it probably refreshes too slow to view most applications, but it could be good for presentations or demos. You would probably only use this if you cannot setup a VNC connection due to network restrictions. This should work fine over a corporate firewall and proxy as all requests are over HTTP. You will have to adjust the parameters to best suit your network's lag, and the speed of the server and client computers.


This page was linked to by Digg.com on June 21 2006. You'll notice from some of the stupid posts on that page that there are a heap of people that don't understand the concept of AJAX. Anyway, I got about 20,000 vistors that checked it out.

The source code is here. There is a sourceforge derivative here. There is a .Net derivative here.

Created: June 10, 2006

Last updated: June 24, 2006

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