Peter Damen
Google Maps WMS Server
WMS Server interface to Google Maps imagery. For use with GIS applications. Google Maps WMS Server

AJAX Remote Desktop Viewer
Proof-of-Concept of a VNC-like Remote Desktop viewing over a single HTTP socket, to circumvent port restrictions imposed by corporate firewalls and proxy servers. AJAX Remote Desktop Viewer

Big HTML Clock
Dan wanted a big digital clock on his desktop. This webpage does it. Clock

Google Map Renderer
Render image from Google Maps given a specific Longtitude and Latitude. Renderer

Java XBMC Remote Control
Initial version of Java application to remotely control your Xbox Media Center over the HTTP API. Allows you to traverse an existing playlist, and adjust volume. XBMC Remote Control

Web Base64 binary converter
Convert binary files to Base64 for embedding in source code, or attaching to text emails. Also convert Base64 back into binary files using the decoder. Base64 Encoder Base64 Decoder

Access Telstra CDMA Packet Network via Phone
Instructions on how to set up a access to the telstra CDMA packet network (Let's call it the Internet) through your mobile phone from your Linux laptop, connecting via bluetooth. CDMA access

AJAX Soap Tester
Use your browser's AJAX capabilities to test a webservice. AJAX Soap Tester

Stunts. I believe this is now freeware. Please let me know if its not. Download here You may have to get DOS Box to run it on your Win32, Linux or Mac box. Also runs on Xbox using DOSXbox

CVS on Fedora Core 4&5 for Eclipse
I have modified some guys How-to for setting up a basic CVS server on Fedora Core 4&5. Probably will work on other Linux flavours too, except for the xinet stuff. CVS Server How-to, Fedora Core 4&5 and Eclipse

Avermedia DVB 761
Simple steps or getting Avermedia DVB 761 working on Fedora Core 5 (& Fedora Core 4). Firmware is linked from this page too. Avermedia How-to

MPEG to FLV using ffmpeg
Terminal command to convert MPEGs to FLV for deploying video to the web. MPEG to FLV conversion

Samba Shares
How to setup filesystem and printer samba shares on linux, so that they can be accessed from Windows clients Samba smb.conf file